Odyssey Wallet is committed to becoming the first decentralized social community Web3.0 wallet.A system that helps people quickly understand the blockchain and enter web3.0, also assists communities and media creators to interact with members .

Odyssey Web3.0 social media wallet, so that everyone who participates in the construction can get rewards. We are looking forward to which player will participate in the web3.0 world of Odyssey! Truly Web3.0 starts should from of the community.

Individual(s) KYC’d: All Co-Founders and Developer
KYC/KYD Date: February 1, 2023
Verification Methods: Video Interview, Identification and Address Verification, Database Lookup, Deployer/Owner Wallet Verification
List Lookups: No matches were found from Sanctions, Fitness Probity, or Politically Exposed Person lists.

Website: https://odysseywallet.io/