⭐️Archon⭐️ is a thrilling and immersive Open World Third Person MMORPG Game with Next-Gen Graphics & Live P2E (Play To Earn) module. This series takes the players on a journey to the world of Archon to complete active missions, fight fierce enemies and compete with massive multiplayer community to generate unlimited wealth which will be claimed in 💵 BNB or $ARCH token into the player’s wallet. Archon features an In-Game NFT Marketplace where the Players can trade NFTs in the form of Characters, Avatars, Upgrades, Weapons & Collectibles.

🦇 State of the Art Graphics and Gameplay done by Industry standard Game developers who are veterans in the field of Next Gen Game Development

Individual(s) KYC’d: All Co-Founders and Developer
KYC/KYD Date: February 1, 2023
Verification Methods: Video Interview, Identification and Address Verification, Database Lookup, Deployer/Owner Wallet Verification
List Lookups: No matches were found from Sanctions, Fitness Probity, or Politically Exposed Person lists.